America has a very decentralized school system. As a result there are many different types of schools. American state school are called public schools. But there are also independent schools, called private schools. There the student is required to wear school uniform and the payment is much higher then for the public schools. The school system is no national system or required national standard. Each state has his own separate school system. The national government does maintain some school, like School on military bases. There is also a wide variety of private schools of many different characters. The largest private system is the catholic system.


The school system here starts at age four or five, unless you go to preschool. Preschool is a school to give young children of age 2 till four a head start on regular school. After Preschool the children go to kindergarten.  In the United States, kindergarten is usually a half day session for a four to six year old. There they learn the alphabet and colours. 
After finishing kindergarten the children move on to elementary school.


Elementary school
The elementary school in the United States consists of six years, with the child moving up a grade each year. In these six years, the child learns to read and write, do basic math, and also learn about the world around them. They learn history, science, health and physical education. In most cases, children are only taught by one teacher. They stay in the same classroom with the same students for all of these subjects.
After 6th grade the student can go on three different schools. The junior high school, the secondary school or high school. Not everywhere in the united states are all of these schools, so it can happen that in some areas are only on of these schools, so the student cant choose at all. Now I will explain the further education with the junior high school, because in all of these schools happens basically the same.


Junior High School – High School
After sixth grade the students go to junior high, which are grade 7 and 8, and then they go to high school which are grades 9 (also know as Freshmen), 10 (sophomore), 11 (junior) and 12 (Seniors).


In junior and senior high, the variety of subjects broadens immensely. The students usually attend between six and eight different classes per day. Each class consists of different students and each one is also taught by a different teacher. Most states require that the student must take science, math, English and reading or language, art, history, and other required classes based on the student’s year in school. For instance, in the 8th grade a student is required to take a semester class of health and one of physical education. Computer keyboarding is also becoming a requirement now as well. The junior high student also has a choice of taking a few classes of personal preference. Those classes might include art, band, choir, woodworking, or many others.
Senior high school is not a lot different than junior high. The average student is required to attend six to eight classes a day.  Also in high school the student has more opportunities to take electives, or classes of personal preference. Most high schools offer foreign languages, such as French, German and Spanish, band and choir, business courses such as computer courses, accounting, and agricultural classes such as welding, mechanics, agriculture and farming. College bound students can take advanced English, science and math classes. All high school students are still required to have a certain amount of their math, science, and English and other special requirements.
Students graduate at the end of their 12th year in high school if they have met all their requirements. After that they may choose to go into the job market, start an apprenticeship, or enrol in a college or university.


College and University
In colleges and universities, a student learns more about what his planned job is going to be like and he receives training for his job.


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